There’s never been any real explanation for why when I was growing up I was always a girls ‘best friend’ and never anything more. In all truth it never really bothered me until a couple of weeks before I was due to head off to college. Having heard the stories from my older brothers (who were much more successful with women than I) about what to expect, quite frankly the prospect of arriving on campus and still being a virgin terrified me.

So I decided to engage the escorts of a professional escort, and there’s a few reasons why I did so.

First I never felt comfortable with the idea of going out partying and trying to pick up girls. Socially speaking I’m quite shy, and after years of vaguely trying this approach it didn’t ever work! At least I knew with an escort that I could call the shots, and I knew that the night would end just as I wanted it to.

Secondly I wanted my first time to be with a girl who was just as I imagined her to be. Yeah I don’t mind saying it – she had to be smokin’ hot, like lead cheerleader quality. After all I was going to remember this night for the rest of my life, and I’d been patient enough, so why not bed a Prom Queen?

Third and most important of all I wanted the true ‘girlfriend experience’ with no strings attached. She had to be not just gorgeous but also fun, and from what I’d read on many escort review sites choosing a girl with personality makes the sex twenty times better.

With these thought in mind I spent a couple of hours a night over the course of a week or so checking out a number of the local escort agencies. Even though I only come from a small city I was amazed at the choice of girls! I had no idea escorting was so mainstream nowadays, and really appreciated the way that each girl had a detailed page describing herself – as well as reviews from previous clients.

I knew I wanted a natural blonde with a petite frame but a slightly punky attitude (I was still a teenager give me a break!) and having narrowed it down to three, I finally opted for a beautiful girl a couple of years maybe older than myself. She was called Kirstin – and she gave me the best night of my life.

I was a little apprehensive when getting in touch with the agency, but turned out that not only would they happily accept me as a client, but also that Kirstin was available on Saturday night. That was only two days away! Throughout the whole process I couldn’t believe how professional and organized everything was. Those ended up being the longest two days ever, and come Saturday lunchtime just as arranged Kirstin texted me and we made plans for that evening.

Considering it was a GF experience I wanted, I wasn’t sure quite what to do. I asked her and she recommended meeting for cocktails at this trendy little bar where they never ask for ID (phew!) and take it from there. I’d arranged a nice hotel for later on which was conveniently only a few minutes’ walk away – perfect!

As much as I’d like to share the detailed memories of that evening with you – I won’t. Those memories are for me and me alone, but I don’t mind giving you an outline. She was twice as hot in person than she was on her profile – I couldn’t believe it, and I swear every guy who saw us together must have thought I was the luckiest guy on the planet. For those dozen or so hours (I went for overnight) I was king of the world. She was so cool, we had shared interests to chat about and even though I was incredibly nervous after a few minutes I was so at ease. I’m honestly, hand on heart, certain that there was nobody I’d have rather lost my virginity to.

Things started to get a little steamy before we even got to the hotel, but I just managed to hold back my desires – after all I wanted to do this my way. The sex was amazing, and I didn’t sleep for a moment. the buildup was gradual, we bathed together, she gave me a massage and then it was sex – five times I think, with a little morning oral as a parting gift. Needless to say I tipped her well, and promised to make arrangements to see her again when I return back home on holidays. She was awesome.

So the moral of the story? If you want to lose your cherry before heading off to college, joining the forces or just for the sheer hell of doing so, my advice is to go with pleasure-escorts . Trust me, you’ll thank me later!…